The World’s Slowest Rocket

The Rocket riverboat has been plying the waters between Dhaka and West Bengal since the 1920s, and first-class passengers can experience the river much as their colonial predecessors did. (Everywhere Magazine)

Staying Afloat in Bangladesh

Bangladesh may be a land defined by water, but fortunately for the road-weary traveller, there is a comfortable – nay, luxurious – way to travel on the water instead of around it. (Lonely Planet)

Senegal’s Traditional Wrestling Evolves

DAKAR, Senegal — It is early evening in West Africa, and two young men in loincloths cover themselves in fine red dust and prepare to do battle. But this is no rural village scene. Television cameras follow the fighters’ every move, and outside the stadium the streets heave with the traffic of one of the region’s most modern capitals. (AP)