Extreme Pole

Michal Kaminski is a Pole who can divide opinion across Europe (European Voice)

Caretaker Commissioner

Pawel Samecki, Poland’s new European commissioner, is an able man, but modest enough to accept that he will not survive into the next administration (European Voice)

Starbucks Conquers Again

In contrast to the United States, where Starbucks is no longer a novelty, the signature green logo has been met with an enthusiastic welcome in Warsaw (Christian Science Monitor)

The Euro Enthusiast

Jacek Rostowski, Poland’s minister of finance, has long been one of the euro’s most passionate enthusiasts. Until late last year, the country seemed to be well on track to join the eurozone in 2012. But then catastrophe struck. (European Voice)

The Unlikely Warrior

With global financial markets in turmoil, few face a tougher juggling act than Maciej Nowicki, Poland’s environment minister (European Voice)

Artists Try to Save Gdansk Shipyards – In Images

Over the past seven years an entire colony of artists has come to live and work among the towering cranes of Gdansk’s iconic shipyards. (Christian Science Monitor)

A Senegalese Beggar Unmasked

Kara had a broad, somewhat goofy smile, a spindly frame, and a chronic cough. He’s 16, but looked about 12. One of Dakar’s legion of child beggars, he followed me home one autumn night – just kept walking along with me even though I’d assured him that I wasn’t giving him any money and that I lived a good 10 minutes up the road. (Christian Science Monitor)