Northern Ugandans Fight to Reclaim Their Land

The rebel Lord’s Resistance Army and its leader, Joseph Kony, have moved into neighboring countries, but in Uganda, the 20-year war Kony waged has left a host of problems in its wake. (VOA)

In Uganda’s North, Support for Kony’s ‘Invisible Children’

In parts of Uganda, the U.S.-based group Invisible Children and its documentary have been accused of arrogance, over-simplification and misrepresentation of the country in order to make money. But in the northern region, a place ravaged by decades of LRA violence, reactions are more mixed. (VOA)

Gay Activists Say Uganda Becoming More Tolerant

Life is not easy for Uganda’s embattled homosexual community, which is still fighting against a harsh bill in parliament that could mean life in prison for some of them. But gay and lesbian activists say that in many ways, Uganda is becoming a more tolerant place. (VOA)

Mobile Money Takes East Africa by Storm

M-Pesa transforms small businesses, remittances in Kenya (MarketWatch)

Traditional Tanzanian Music Falls in Popularity, but Demands Preservation

Muziki wa dansi music was inspired by Tanzanian national pride after its independence in the 1960s. Today, a heritage project is trying to archive the unique music for future generations (Christian Science Monitor)

Zanzibar Falls Victim to the International Heroin Trade

The Tanzanian island of Zanzibar is popular among tourists seeking an exotic tropical vacation destination. But beyond the idyllic locales, the island is being ravaged by heroin from Asia. Drug usage is causing rifts within Zanzibari society, but the fight against it has also led to some creative local solutions. (VOA)

Zanzibar Music Festival Faces Financial, Cultural Challenges

The Sauti za Busara music festival kicks off in Zanzibar this weekend – an event meant to promote Swahili music to a younger generation of Tanzanians raised on Western Top 40 hits. But the Stone Town festival has had a hard time connecting with a local audience, and is now facing funding challenges. (VOA)

Power Shortages Plague Uganda

Businesses battered, economic growth likely to be hit (MarketWatch)