Massive Evictions Breed Anger, Resentment Along Kenyan Coast

Edged in golden sand and fringed by palm trees, Kenya’s coast is prime real estate, ripe for hotels and luxurious homes. But as more and more of this land finds its way into the hands of the wealthy, hundreds of thousands of natives are being evicted. (VOA)

In Uganda, Not Everyone Loves an Elephant

They come by night, stripping saplings, flattening rice paddies, uprooting whole fields of corn. But here in Western Uganda, where the most destructive animals aren’t locusts or crows, but highly protected elephants, conventional pest control is not an option. (VOA)

Trouble Brewing for Ugandan Tea Farmers

One of the country’s most important drivers of revenue, Uganda’s tea industry has long been dogged by quality problems, and a further tightening of regulatory standards could spell disaster for the roughly 65,000 Ugandans who manufacture the country’s third-largest export. (VOA)

Ugandans Disappointed with Country’s Progress

October 9 marks the 50th anniversary of Uganda’s independence, an event the government is celebrating with great fanfare. In 1962 Ugandans had high expectations of their new nation. But not many of those expectations have been realized. (VOA)

In Uganda, Mixed Reactions to Africa’s Youngest MP

The Ugandan parliament swore in the youngest MP in African history this week, 19-year-old Proscovia Alengot Oromait (VOA)

Karimojong Kids Brave Urban Hardships

The streets of Kampala are teeming with children, begging at intersections, sleeping in muddy slums and slipping down the maze-like alleys of the market. Nearly all come from Karamoja, an impoverished region in northeastern Uganda. Many come alone. (VOA)

Disappearing Herds Threaten Culture, Livelihoods in Uganda

Uganda’s pastoral Karimojong people have long relied on cattle to survive. In an effort to wean them off food aid, however, they are being encouraged to embrace agriculture – a practice that clashes with their culture and livelihoods. (VOA)

Ugandan Woman Works to End HIV Stigma

While the world’s leading experts on HIV/AIDS are preparing for the upcoming AIDS 2012 Conference in Washington, D.C., one young Ugandan activist is focusing on problems much closer to home. (VOA)

Family Planning Faces Hurdles in Uganda

As world leaders prepare for this month’s Global Family Planning Summit in London, many developing countries are struggling to control their population growth. Local authorities say they are trying to bring down the birth rate for the sake of the country’s future. (VOA)