Solar Eclipse Gives Ugandan Town its Day in the Sun

A total solar eclipse thrust the small Ugandan town of Pakwach into the international spotlight, as one of the best places in the world to view it. The event has transformed the town, though not everyone thinks it is for the better. (VOA)

The Race to Become the New India

East Africa is hoping to turn itself into an outsourcing hub with a series of initiatives designed to make it more appealing for foreign businesses. But does the region have enough to offer? (ZDNet)

Healing the Deepest Wounds

Sister Angelique gives young women the skills they need to run a small business, ensures that they can read and write, and teaches them about their rights as women. (Perspective)

Back to Life

The winner of this year’s Nansen Refugee Award works with young people in the eastern DRC whose lives have been devastated by kidnap, violence and serial rape. (Perspective)

Growing Controversy Over GMO Bananas in Uganda

Uganda is poised to introduce genetically modified organisms as parliament considers a bill to regulate them. The modified crops could be the answer to devastating diseases like banana wilt, bu the issue has been highly controversial. (VOA)

Campaign Aims to Prevent Motorbike Accidents

The Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative is trying to train Kampala’s boda-boda drivers on road safety and convince them to wear helmets, in an effort to stop the carnage without banning bikes altogether. (VOA)

2nd Annual Gay Pride Parade Held in Uganda

On August 3, Uganda’s homosexual community stepped out of the shadows in red wigs and glittering stilettos. (VOA)

Uganda’s One-Man Space Program Sparks Cosmic Dreams

One determined scientist in Uganda is working hard to get his country into the space race, but Chris Nsamba is facing more than just technical challenges. (VOA)

Black Suits Against White-Collar Crimes

With recently discovered oil lying beneath Uganda’s western highlands, the corruption stakes are higher today than ever before. (Alternatives Internationales)