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World’s Tallest Jesus Exposes Poland’s Religious Divide

The world’s tallest Jesus statue now reigns over a field in western Poland, on the outskirts of a small town with big hopes for tourism. But the statue reveals a lot about Polish Catholicism and the divisions within it. (VOA)


The Sweet Song of Shale

Big players are taking big risks that Poland has massive gas reserves trapped deep beneath its surface (Transitions Online)

Restoring Cemeteries, Polish Convicts Find Jewish Community Past and Present

In Poland, which was once home to the largest Jewish community in Europe, prisoners are refurbishing abandoned Jewish cemeteries (Christian Science Monitor)

Your Ché Guevara T-shirt Can Land You in Jail

Poland’s revised criminal code includes a ban on communist symbols, such as the red star or hammer and sickle, though one artist says “they are no longer meaningful” (Christian Science Monitor)

Extreme Pole

Michal Kaminski is a Pole who can divide opinion across Europe (European Voice)

Caretaker Commissioner

Pawel Samecki, Poland’s new European commissioner, is an able man, but modest enough to accept that he will not survive into the next administration (European Voice)

Starbucks Conquers Again

In contrast to the United States, where Starbucks is no longer a novelty, the signature green logo has been met with an enthusiastic welcome in Warsaw (Christian Science Monitor)

The Euro Enthusiast

Jacek Rostowski, Poland’s minister of finance, has long been one of the euro’s most passionate enthusiasts. Until late last year, the country seemed to be well on track to join the eurozone in 2012. But then catastrophe struck. (European Voice)

Poles Find Solidarity in Milk Bars

In gleaming Warsaw, the lure of a pungent cabbage soup and communal seating still draws crowds to Soviet-era canteens (Christian Science Monitor)