Kenya Targets Dogs in an Ambitious Plan to Eradicate Rabies

Kenya is the first African country to embark on an ambitious program to eliminate rabies by vaccinating its dogs. Other African countries are watching closely to see whether a disease that kills thousands every year could actually be wiped off the continent altogether. (VOA)

Northern Kenya’s Drought-hit Herders Pin Hopes on Desert Farming

Kenya’s hot and arid north has been suffering droughts and dry spells for years, which locals say are getting more severe. Extreme circumstances have pushed some in the area to resort to the locally-stigmatized practice of agriculture, in hopes of being able to feed their families once again. (VOA)

With New Kenyan Port, Lamu Fears Losing Traditions

With East Africa’s largest container port scheduled to be built just a few kilometers away, residents of the small island of Lamu – a World Heritage site – fear their delicate ecosystem, their livelihoods and their ancient way of life are all about to be lost. (VOA)

Battered by Low Prices, Kenyan Farmers Turn to Purple Tea

Kenyan tea farmers, devastated by this year’s plummeting tea prices, have been ripping out their tea bushes to plant a healthy new purple tea with the potential to earn them more. But some experts are worried farmers could find their purple tea has no market at all. (VOA)

Ugandan Promotes “Slow Food” Ideals to Feed Africa

Slow Food International has named a Ugandan as its vice president, with a mission to create gardens and promote slow food ideals throughout Africa. Edie Mukiibi is fighting for biodiversity against a political establishment that sees big agribusiness as the answer to African food security. (VOA)

The Need for Speed: Why Africa’s Datacenters are Still Trailing Behind

While latency is holding back the development of online services in Africa, and unreliable power supply holding back the development of datacenters, what’s next for facilities on the continent? (ZDNet)

Kampala’s Blind Boxer Proves Sight isn’t Everything

A man from Kampala’s slums is dreaming of boxing his way out of poverty. That’s not unusual, except that Bashir Ramathan is completely blind. (VOA)

Brass Band Provides Hope for Kampala Street Kids

After hearing a school band practice, a group of street kids in 1990s Uganda set up a brass band of its own called M-lisada. Today the band’s original founder runs a home for street kids, teaching them to play instruments and perform in concerts and becoming a source of pride for kids who had lost all hope. (VOA)

Uganda’s Lion Population Devastated by Bush Meat Hunters

A recent report found that Uganda’s lion population is down by 30 percent in the past decade. But in the country’s Murchison Falls National Park, the figure is closer to 60 percent, mainly because of snares meant to catch bush meat. (VOA)